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by Santosh Kumar
on 26-12-2020

What is Find Us On Web?

What is Find Us On Web?

We are Business Connectors, The Global Business Connectors. We help you Connect, Network and Grow your Business.

We help you connect, network and grow your business throughout all phases of organisational stability in the business life cycle over time which is most commonly divided into four phases: startup, sustainability, growth and expansion.

Many people crave to develop a growing business. Unfortunately, few people can actually develop one successfully. You see, many people, just like you, start off but get distracted by not being able to have a vehicle for success.

Find Us On Web is a unique business services provider offering a one-stop solution for all key business growth needs for local businesses as per their aspiration. At Find Us On Web, we have discovered a simple and better way to move more savings, more customers, more sales, more business growth and improved cash flow for our business customers. And anyone can achieve it with less stress.

Our dedicated local business manager works with local businesses at every stage of their success journey ensuring that at the end of our customer's goal posts, our customers feel more than successful, they feel prosperous.

Phases of organisational stability

Identify your place in the four phases of organisational stability in the business life cycle

Startup phase: Upto 12 to 18 months from the date of starting up your business.

Sustainability phase: up to 3 years of the business startup

Growth phase: up to 5 years of the business life cycle

Expansion phase: Beyond five years of the business life cycle

Our Strategies, Tactics and Tools

Our proven strategies and Tactics offer local businesses and their business development team to enjoy complete peace of mind, financial independence, security, good health and enjoyable personal & social life. Our key principle is to offer a business environment locally where people wanted to do business with us (and our business managers) and even more people consider us as a friend while working with our team.

We offer many tools to local business such as Connect and networking programmes, online digital marketplace, Tradeshows, Digital and Printed Magazines, Sponsorships, Speaking Slots, Banner Display Stands, Business Conferences, Award Nights, premium advertising, marketing and promotional Solutions, optimised lead generation tools, trade shows, award nights, PR & business growth services and last but not the least growth management strategies and business planning sessions.

FindUsOnWeb has been created by industry experts who have assisted buyers and sellers of businesses for over 20 years. Our business model is centred around aspiring business owners who are local and looking for to increase their sales and grow their business in a sustainable manner for Immediate business goals in three to six months or for short, mid and long term business goals ranging from one to five years. ?

Our local business managers are helping the aspiring local business, who are looking for improved cash flow, more savings, more customers, more sales, to connect and to network!

We are making a huge impact on local business by bringing them guaranteed more savings, guaranteed more customers, guaranteed more sales and guaranteed more growth with the help of their most effective tools such as the connect and network program, the monthly speed networking, business buzz program, the trade shows, Sponsorship and award nights.

Our local business managers are also always available just on the other end of the phone to help them fulfill their needs and achieve their goals and we make sure that we are walking the walk with the business stakeholders in all assignments until the business has achieved its milestones during the growth journey.

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